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Maximizing Wellness Through Methylation

Metagenics is dedicated to providing only the highest quality ingredients.

We currently provide the more body-ready, nature-identical methylated forms of both folate (calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate=L-5-MTHF) and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) in over 100 products. Research shows that these forms of B vitamins are more biologically active in the body than conventional sources.

The use of higher quality ingredients further demonstrates our commitment to supporting better health outcomes. The following products currently feature methylated B vitamins as part of their formulas:

AdvaClear 126C AdvaClear 42C ArginCor
Arginine Plus 120T   Ceralin Forte EC Matrixx 
Estrium Mango   Estrium Whey Vanilla  EstroFactors
EZ Flex 60T Fem Essentials 90T FemPrenatal 30 Packets
FolaPro 60T GI Sustain   Glycogenics 180T
Glycogenics 60T Hemagenics 60T Hemagenics 180T
HerSynergy Intrinsi B12/Folate 60T Intrinsi B12/Folate 180T
Lipo-Gen 90T Lipo-Gen 180T Meta-Sitosterol
MetaGlycemX 60T MetaGlycemX 180T MitoVive
Multigenics Chewable Orange 90T Multigenics IC with iron 180T   Multigenics with iron 180T 
Multigenics without iron 90T   PhytoMulti 60C PhytoMulti 60T
Multigenics with iron 90T  Multigenics without iron 180T PhytoMulti 120T
PhytoMulti Kids 60T PhytoMulti with iron 60T  Pneumo-Carotene 60T
ProGain Chocolate ProGain Vanilla Renagen DTX 60C
SeroSyn 30C SeroSyn 90C St. John’s Wort 60T
Testralin 60T UltraBalance Protein UltraCare for Kids Vanilla 
UltraClear UltraClear Plus Berry  UltraClear Plus Original Vanilla
UltraClear Plus pH Original Vanilla  UltraClear Plus pH Vanilla UltraClear Plus Pineapple/Banana 
UltraGI Replenish UltraGlycemX Chocolate  UltraGlycemX 
UltraInflamX Chocolate/Orange  UltraInflamX Mango  UltraInflamX Original Spice 
UltraInflamX Pineapple/Banana  UltraInflamX PLUS 360 Original Spice  UltraMeal Cardio 360 Chocolate
UltraMeal Cardio 360 Vanilla UltraMeal Dutch Chocolate   UltraMeal PLUS Chocolate  
UltraMeal PLUS Vanilla  UltraMeal Strawberry Supreme  UltraMeal Vanilla 
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