Brand Guidelines | Metagenics

Brand Guidelines

Logo Standards and Guidelines

These guidelines are provided to give direction on the correct use of Metagenics logos.

Metagenics Logo

The Metagenics logo is the cornerstone of our visual identity. It’s on every communication piece and product we create, so it’s imperative that we use it consistently and correctly everywhere it appears. The logo has three components: the symbol, the tag line and the logotype. These three components are carefully drawn pieces of artwork and should never be redrawn or altered. This configuration is the only logo to be used.

Background Control

It’s important that our logo is always clear and legible. These examples show correct and incorrect uses of the logo on various backgrounds. The goal is visibility. Use the two-color positive logo against gray, white or light-colored backgrounds. The two-color reverse logo should be used against dark backgrounds.

Incorrect Use

Here are some, but not all, incorrect uses of our logo. Don’t: substitute the letterforms of the logotype, reposition or "flop" the logo components, distort or stretch the logo, rescale logo components, change the colors in the logo, place the logo over other graphic elements, place the logo within text or Use the logotype without the symbol. The logo is carefully drawn artwork, so any alteration of the logo is considered misuse. Only use approved digital artwork.

Metagenics Logo Color Palette

Color plays an important role in our communications. By emphasizing particular colors, we start to create a visual identity that quickly identifies communications as coming from Metagenics. We use Metagenics Blues (found in our logo), and white as our primary colors. These colors can be used in any combination and their balance can be varied. White is generally used as a canvas to stage graphic elements, images and color.